From Skyscrapers to aimless desserts, just a thirty minutes drive. This is one of the most extreme difference in infrastructure in a city. First I was on top of the highest building in the world, then I am playing with the national bird of UAE, a falcon, symbolizing  force and courage even up till today.


the Burj Khalifa is so far the tallest building in the world(2717′ = 163 floors), followed by the Shanghai Tower. You can purchase “At the Top” tickets for the 124 + 125 floors or “At the Top Sky” tickets for additional access to the 148 floor.


I only went to the 125 + 126 floor but it was crazy enough looking at these skyscrapers and even cars beginning to look like legos.


The observatory takes around an hour or so to get around. So we booked a tour right after to go to the desert







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