Because I have very bad memory. I created this “scrapbook” for all my notable and beautiful encounters with the world of travel, design, and everyday life.

I named this place NElittlething so “ANY” little thing I hope to jot down can be traced back here.  Also, my name is Annie. 

Behind the Curtains.

I am 100% Taiwanese and 100% global citizen. That means my goal is to see as much as what’s on the planet that I belong to. I have a passion for authenticity and creativity (when it comes to real-life experiences). My wardrobe is very colorful, inspired much by the classic vintages.Design and Strategy is my background. This is a place for myself to reflect on what I have seen. I am not so much a tech savvy person, but whatever it takes to share my new discoveries!

Connect with Me

If you have comments or would like to work together, I am more than happy to receive new information or suggestions! For more information on professional works I do:  or email me! at  can’t wait to hear from y’all.